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Size480517 - Solid Primer Feed Ram Assembly

Size480517 - Solid Primer Feed Ram Assembly


Solid Primer Feed Ram Assembly - this kit comes with the new style Ram, new shoulder bolt, and spacers (in case you need to ajust your cam) a new roller bearing, spacer and spacer roller bearing - this kit is recommended for all machines that have the Primer Feed Assemblies that have the ram with the wire or if you have an 800B, C or Cvt. because you need the spacers to make adjustments to your cam so the ram runs correctly in your primer feed Part # Size480517 Can be found on these parts lists: Price/Part List Key # 800Plus #149 900 (#1000-4931) #139 900 (#4932 & Above) #139 Plat2000, L/S-1000, 950 #139 800B, C & Cvt. #33-5 Not shown on Patriot Parts List, but available - Also this kit can be used on the 800B, C's and Cvt.'s that have been upgraded with the Brass Prime Feeds - you may also use this kit on older 800B, C's & Cvt. Aluminum Primer Feeds and may need to adjust the cam (triangular piece) spacing to get the ram to work correctly - if you are not sure please give us a call and we can help you thru the adjustment

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