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Metallic II



METALLIC II Part # MetallicII A Semi-Progressive Single-Stage Rifle and Pistol Reloader From the company whose reputation is quality and precision comes another fine loading tool -- the rugged Metallic II Rifle/Pistol Press. Ponsness-Warren has designed a totally unique and innovative loader capable of loading 150 rounds or more per hour with utmost precision. the Metallic II has power to spare for: * re-forming brass * resizing cases * loading tough calibers Built with the same high-quality castings as the shotshell line and the Metal-Matic P-200, the Metallic II is precision machined and coated with a silver vein black plastic applied eletrostatically and baked on for durability. * The die head has five tapped 7/8-14 holes to accept standard dies, powder measure or other accessories. * Conversion from one calibur to another is accomplished in less than five minutes. Once the case is inserted into the shell holder, it is not removed until the case has been resized, new primer seated, powder dropped, and bullet seated and crimped. * A de-priming tube removes spent primer and residue, keeping the priming area clean. * An automatic primer feed allows for control of the primers at all times, without touching or contaminating them. Available optional features include: * Additional die heads (for additional caliber capacity) * A powder-measure extension tube to accommodate any standard powder measure Metallic II comes complete with small and large primer seating tools and automatic primer feed. It is sold without dies, powder measure or shell holder.

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