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Magnetic Shell Seating Post

Magnetic Shell Seating Post


This magnetic shell seating post (post only) will keep your shell steady while loading using a shell feed system, auto drive system or by hand.  Simply replace your old shell seating post with the new magnetic one.  If putting on a PATRIOT, call the factory, you will need extra parts with it.

Part #'s - 12ga. Size320200M, 20ga. Size320220M, 28ga. Size320228M

It will replace the following:

Shell seating post (post only) - 12, 20, & 28ga. Part # Size320200, Size320220, Size320228. Can be found on these parts lists: Price/Part List Key #  800Plus #120, 900(1000-4931) #124, 900 (4932 & Above) #124, Plat2000, L/S-1000, 950 #124, 800B, C & CVT. #32-2  NOTE: If you are looking for a shell seating post for a 16ga., you need the 20ga post

410ga. comes in an assembly only, see:SIZE320410M

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