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L/S-1000 Lead Shot Bushings

L/S-1000 Lead Shot Bushings


Before going any further - these are the L/S-1000 LEAD SHOT BUSHINGS - they will only fit on the L/S-1000 Machine - If you are looking to load Lead on any of our other reloaders (800's, 900's, 950, Plat2000, Patriot or 375) you need the "Standard Lead Shot Bushings" L/S-1000 LEAD SHOT BUSHINGS Part # LS1000L__ - then the # bushing you are getting Please check the L/S-1000 Lead Shot Bushing Chart below. This is not a loading table, but rather a chart based on relative hole sizes, showing the approximate number of ounces dropped by Ponsness/Warren L/S-1000 Shot Bushings. These Lead Shot Bushings are for the L/S-1000 only - if you are looking for bushings for your Duomatic 375, Old 800 Series, 900 Series, 950 "Elite", Plat2000, 800Plus or Patriot PLEASE ORDER FROM THE STANDARD SHOT BUSHINGS When ordering, please use the bushing number on the left side of the chart. If you are still not sure please give us call and we will be glad to help find what you need. L/S-1000 Lead Shot only Lead Shot Weight of Bushing # Lead Shot L4 7/8oz. L5 1oz. L5.5 1-1/16oz. L6 1-1/8oz. L7 1-1/4oz. L8 1-3/8oz. L9 1-1/2oz. L10 1-5/8oz. L11 1-3/4oz. L12 1-7/8oz. L13 2oz. L14 2-1/4oz.

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