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Final Crimp Assembly (20, 28ga.)

Final Crimp Assembly (20, 28ga.)


Final Crimp Assembly - 20, 28ga. Part # Size350020, Size350028 Please choose the model machine the final crimp is going on - Read the note below if you have an old 800 Series machine Can be found on these parts lists: Price/Part List Key # 800Plus #41 800B, C & Cvt. #35 - for 800C & Cvt. - only for the 800B if it has been upgraded with the Taper Crimp Kit This Assembly is not for the 800B, you would have to upgrade to the Taper Crimp Kit Does not have the completed assembly on 900's, Plat2000, 950 Elite or Patriot Parts list but is also available for those machines

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