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Dillon (RL 1050) Auto Drive

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Part # AutoDrRL1050 - 900 Hand, AutoDrRL1050F - 900 Foot

Part # AutoDrRL1050X - 1200 Hand, AutoDrRL1050XF - 1200 Foot

All the Auto Drive's draw 4.5 Amps and plug into a standard 110 Volt outlet

The AUTO-DRIVE is easily operated by pressing down on the foot pedal.  The full pivoting system allows the arm to work in one continous motion.  If you need to reverse the system, simply flip the toggle switch to reverse and press the foot pedal.

The AUTO-DRIVE comes fully assembled and mounted on the steel base.  All mounting holes are pre-drilled.

PLEASE NOTE:  The RL 1050 AUTO-DRIVE system is available with your choice of gearhead speeds and hand/foot operation.

*  900 Revs Per Hour (Use this if you are loading Rifle Ammo)

*  1200 Revs Per Hour (Use this if you are loading Pistol Ammo)

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