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Bullet Sleeve Diameters (.224 to .358)

Bullet Sleeve Diameters (.224 to .358)


BULLET SLEEVE DIAMETERS Part # MettSlv224 (.224), MettSlv243 (.243), MettSlv257 (.257), MettSlv264 (.264) Part # MettSlv270 (.270), MettSlv284 (.280 & .284), MettSlv308 (.308) Part # MettSlv032 (.32 & 8mm), MettSlv338 (.338), MettSlv358 (.358) Bullet Sleeve Diameters (.224 to .358) Have you ever pinched your fingers while seating bullets? Hurts, doesn't it? Our bullet seating die automatically seats the bullet for you. Just mount the die on any press, drop a bullet in the window, and pull the handle. Bullet automatically centers in the sleeve, ensuring perfect reloads, and you also have the option of crimping any bullet. Includes large and small seating pins. Only one die body required. NOTE: Order bullet sleeves in the calibers you are reloading.

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