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Brass Primer Feed Assembly

Brass Primer Feed Assembly



Part # Brass33000

Allows you to change the depth of the primer without taking the primer feed assembly out of the machine.  Simply turn the adjusting ring for desired depth.

Fits all 900, 950, L/S-1000, Platinum2000, 800Plus & Patriot machines.

Also fits the small gauge (20, 28 & 410ga.) 800B, 800C and 800 Cvt. (If using on one of these loaders, you will also need to purchase a primer feed cam #SIZE490000)

Can also be found on these parts lists:

Price/Part List                               Key #

800Plus                                         #131

900 (#1000-4931)                       #151

900 (#4932 & Above)                  #151

Plat2000, L/S-1000, 950             #151

Not shown in Patriot Parts list

Not shown in 800B Parts list

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