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800Plus - w/ Metal EZ-Seal Top Plate - 16ga - 28ga - 410ga

800Plus - w/ Metal EZ-Seal Top Plate - 16ga - 28ga - 410ga


New 800 Plus with Sizing Dies 16, 28 & 410ga. - New EZ-Seal Top Plate

As of Dec. 1st 2015 all 800Plus machines come standard with the new EZ-Seal Top Plate.

The New "800 Plus" is equipped with the star gear, index pad, main index gear, etc., giving it that "click" when the machine is indexed.

It also has:

* Die-Removal Cylinder, allowing for quick and easy shell removal at virtually any station

* Brass Primer Feed with an external adjusting ring for easy adjustment

* Upgraded Metal Top Plate

* Ez-Seal Access Hopper which holds about a pound of powder and 25 lbs. of shot

Bushings included:

16ga. - #5 and G1

28ga. - #3 and B

410ga. - #1 and 2A

Another great feature of the 800 Plus is the quick-changing tooling kits. Since the 800 Plus does not have a center shaft, these tooling kits are installed in a Tool Head, allowing you to convert to another gauge in minutes without the need to re-adjust any of the crimping stages.

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